Whether it's a birthmark, eczema, vitiligo, moles, scars or other markings…it can be difficult to find the beauty in being different. Leanne Stuckey's debut book, Beautifully Blemished, helps children see the unmatched beauty in their uniqueness and provides understanding to various skin conditions. Winner of the Titan Literary Award (watch the author interview here) and featured in People Magazine (read the article here), Beautifully Blemished is available at www.leannestuckey.com and on Amazon.

Rio is amazed at the Yunmu-Yunmu sounds the old wooden bridge makes when an African elephant walks on it. He recruits his tortoise family and, with a few gimmicks, attempts to make the same sounds when they cross the bridge. Instead, they only find discouragement. Rio soon learns that sometimes you have to follow the wiser in order to become wise. Written by Dr. Philip O. Akinyemi, How Rio Shook the Bridge will delight children while introducing them to simple words in the Nigerian Yoruba language. Adults will love the humorous undertones! Available at www.philipakinyemi.com and on Amazon.

Ishnabobber is an adorable lighthouse who yearns to shine brighter. He asks a lot of questions and stumbles into a faith journey to find answers. Written by Susan Anderson, the first three books in The Discovery Series are designed to encourage children (and adults) to learn about Jesus and how He can be the guiding light in their lives. Available at www.ishnabobber.com and on Amazon.